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Tool and Mould Repair

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Magod Laser with their expertise in Lasers introduces Laser Welding

Services to Repair Tools & Moulds.

* Rebuilding of Material on your Tools & Moulds
* Material added to match your original material in Composition & Hardness
* Layer thickness from 0.2mm
* No heat affected zone or distortion
* Excellent bonding with the parent metal, No Cracks Or Blow Holes
* Added Material can be Spraked or Machined, no heat treatement
required after machining.
* No need to pre heat the mould before welding
* Fine & intricate sections can be welded
* Most materials & all steels including S7, H13, HDS, 1.2344, Stavax
* Immediate Delivery

Ideal for

*Correction of Press Tools, Injection Molding & Die Casting moulds
* Increasing life of Moulds & Tools
* Repair of Worn out Shafts & Keyways
* Repair of Broken items
* Joining dissimilar materials
* Cladding with high strength materials